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Applying for Financial Aid

There are two ways to apply for financial aid to assist you with your educational expenses at San Diego Mesa College:

  1. For US Citizens or Permanent Residents  please go to: (you must have a FSA ID to complete the FAFSA)
  2. For AB 540 without a valid immigration status, please go to:   (you must have a CSAC PIN # to complete the Dream Act)  

To be eligible all applications must be completed and received by the school on or before your last day of classes for either the semester or the end of the academic year whichever date comes first.

All applications must have San Diego Mesa College’s school code # 001275 and must have a valid EFC calculated.

If you are selected for verification by the Department of Education or the California Student Aid Commission, you must submit all required documentation by the established deadline. The list of required documents is available to you on Reg-E / “View My Financial Aid”.  Any Financial Aid Office generated forms can be found available for downloading and printing at:

All students whether selected for verification or not, must meet all the “basic eligibility requirements” no later than the last day of classes, or the last day of the semester whichever comes first. Grant(s) eligibility is forfeited, if you do not meet all the basic eligibility requirements as explained above. 

It will take approximately 2 weeks for us to receive the response to your FAFSA / Dream Act application. Once received, it could take 4-6 weeks for us to process an application.  To check the status of your application, log unto your Reg-E / “View My Financial Aid.”

Currently, a FAFSA must be completed to receive a fee waiver (other than one granted due to acceptable proof of receiving SSI, TANF/CALWORKS, General Assistance or certification from the CA Department of Veterans Affairs). Students should keep in mind it currently takes 2 full weeks for the college to receive the FAFSA application electronically.

If you have additional questions or concerns, you can visit the Financial Aid Office located on the 1st floor of the Student Services Building for direct assistance.