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Refund Schedule

To be eligible for a refund of fees such as enrollment, parking permit and/or tuition, students must use Reg-e to either drop all classes or reduce their unit load by the refund deadline.

  • Primary Session (16 weeks) -  Friday of the second week
  • Non-Primary Sessions (16 weeks or more) - Monday of the third week
  • Short-Term Sessions (Less than 16 weeks) - Monday of the second week
  • Classes 1 week or shorter - See Admissions Office for deadline dates

To access specific dates for refund deadlines please refer to your class schedule section titled,  Acadmeic Calendar and Key Dates or see Admissions.

Students who are administratively dropped when a Petition to Challenge is denied will receive a full refund of the class(es) petitioned.

Students who are academically disqualified and administratively dropped will recive a full refund.

No refund is given for classes dropped after the deadline.

In order to receive a refund for your parking permit the permit must be returned to College Police or the Accounting office within the refund deadlines described above.