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Welcome to the launch of ASK MESA Beta. We have worked to put together a solid knowledgebase and now it is time to open it up to you, the student. We appreciate your help in building our database. If our answer isn't satisfactory, please help us make the database more complete and email us your question. We are continually working to improve the knowledge base by adding more information.

Once you submit your question, the best answer will appear in this box. If your question returns multiple responses, suggested questions will be available. You can narrow your question down to one that best fits your needs.

Ask Mesa tips

  • Ask an actual question like, "How do I register?"
  • Ask just one question at a time
  • Check out "Top 10" for the most frequently asked questions
  • Take a look at the "Related Question" links for items that may also be of interest
  • Lastly help us make the system and provide feedback for each question (see below)